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What Does It Do?
Does It Do Things??
Let's Find Out!

Second Factors

  • Ever heard of: 2FA, U2F, OTP, CCID, HMAC?
  • Why/When should i use those things?
  • How does it even work?
    • One time passwords
    • Universal second factor
    • Keyed-Hash Message Authentication Codes
    • Secure PGP Keys on Smartcards (and similar)
  • What can I use for this?
    • What are cheaper options?
  • Maybe: Demonstration of the usage of a Yubikey in practice

What can Led do for is in an urban farming setup

  • LED Walkthrough
  • What is this shit about?
  • How does it work - what to look for when buying a fixture

Mist, Termin liegt in der Vergangenheit

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